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Lightsphere AI builds AI for Humans, that helps fight the two chronic problems our modern society is facing today because of Automation. The problem of updating your skills in advance of the future job-market so that you can stay ahead of disappearing jobs, and the problem of staying fit and healthy in a World where there is constant pressure on your health due to lack of physical activity, job stress, and poor nutrition. Imagine if you could look into the future, to upgrade your brain into the right skills that fit your aptitude, and if you could look deep inside to fix those annoying habits that prevent you from upgrading your body. By combining advanced AI mentoring mixed selectively with a Human mentor when needed, we can make this affordable for every Human, and change this World. Perhaps one day, with good Automation and Positive AI replacing Negative automation, bring this planet back to its pristine condition, and spread Life beyond Earth! We are always looking for the best and brightest across the world that have such shared values! If you wish to apply, please Contact Us!