Effective Date: December 9, 2021


Lightsphere AI Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. Before we get to the details, check out our Privacy Summary to see a summary of our privacy practices.



These standard terms are used throughout this document to have a specific meaning as defined below. Please note that these terms, depending upon the context, may be used in this document in either upper or lower case format to enhance readability.

  • Company: Lightsphere AI Inc, a Delaware based C corporation headquartered in Bellevue, WA, USA
  • Product: Any product listed under
  • Service: Any service provided by the company with a product
  • User: Anyone with an account created on any product provided by the company
  • Coach: A special user who has the capability to provide health and wellness advising and coaching to other users on our services
  • Third-Party Partner: An organization separate from the Company who has partnered with us to provide one or more coaching services to our users
  • Provider: A third-party partner with one or more coaches on our services

Privacy Summary

1. How do we use your data?


  • sell your personal information
  • share or sell aggregate information
  • share your data with third party partners without your explicit content
  • use your contact list


  • use sensitive categories of data, like health information or your demographic profile
  • delete your data when you request account deletion
  • retain your data for as long as we need it unless you request deletion
  • use aggregated data from many users including yours to improve our services
2. Tracking


  • track your browsing activities on other sites
  • listen to you using your device microphone


  • track your device location to provide OmMeGo to you
  • use cookies
3. Communication
  • We always send advance notice when we make changes to our Privacy Policy
  • We May send you marketing communications. You can always opt out by contacting us.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) describes the data we collect, and how we use it. It also explains how you can share your data and manage privacy controls with other users on our services. Please read the Definitions above, and also our service agreements for the individual products that the Company provides. List of Company products can be found at

Unless indicated otherwise, this Privacy Policy does not apply to third party products or services or the practices of companies that we do not own or control, including other companies you might interact with on or through the Services.

Please contact us for any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy. 



Individual products provided by the Company may collect data about you, including data that identifies you. We receive your data in the following different ways:


1.1 DURING Signup
  • Your key body statistics such as age, height, weight & gender, questions related to your current health and education and future goals. These are required for our services to be able to work accurately on your data.

  • Your physical address, email, phone number needed to contact you and to ship you any required devices.

  • Your Payment information is handled via the highly secure Stripe system. We DO NOT store your credit card information, but store information about your payments and order to manage your account.
1.2 While using a Product Mobile & Web App Usage
  • Location information related to your activities to predict activities better. This information is not used for any other purposes or shared with anyone.
  • Social graph data: when you make connections with other Users, or when other users connect with you
  • Interactions with the app: how you actually use the App to help us improve our App User interfaces.
  • Searches for coaches and experts: we use this to improve the quality of coaches and experts we recommend to you.
  • Browser and App information such as local time, ip address, local time zone, phone type used. Used for improving and tuning our services to provide more accurate results and predictions for your use. Session ids may be set in your browser and mobile app to identify you as a user on our system, and to provide automatic logins without passwords on your devices for limited periods of time. It is also used to provide security and prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account.
  • Other app specific data such as fitness data for the OmMeGo app. See Privacy Policy listed under for more information.
1.3 Data Sharing when working with third-party Coach/Expert Partner
  • Data shared with coaches within our services: When you work with other coaches and providers within our Services, they are bound by the same privacy agreement as this one as long as any such data is shared between you and the Coach on our Services.
  • Data shared with coaches outside our services: When you work directly with third-party coaches, e.g. when you call them over phone on your user account with a product. Or if you meet them in person or over a third-party remote calling system for 1:1 coaching such as over a phone, video conference or other similar mediums. In such cases we cannot and do not control what data you share with them, or how they utilize such data to provide you services. It is important that you review the Privacy Policy with your Coach directly that they follow. However, we expect our coaches to follow US Privacy laws and agreements that protect your privacy. Reports of privacy violations by Coaches are taken very seriously and any serious violations may result in termination of their account with the Product. In case of any questions or concerns regarding how your Coach is using your data outside our system, you are welcome to contact us if you need assistance.

We collect information from your browser, computer, or mobile device, which provide us with technical information when you access or use the Services. This technical information includes device and network information, cookies, log files and analytics information.



OmMeGo social network allows other users of the system to share data with each other for coaching, monitoring and for motivational purposes.


    WE DO NOT:

  • give access to your data to any other user on a product social network,  unless you explicitly give access to your data to such a user.
  • allow anyone to search for you, unless you are a coach or a health-care provider. If you are such an entity, other users can search for your contact information to request a connection to you for coaching services from you.
  • allow any user to contact you via our system, unless you have given such a user access to your data explicitly, or if you are a coach or health-care provider whom the other user is trying to contact for coaching services from you.
  • automatically give anyone access to your data just because they have given you access to their data. Our social network is a one-way private social network. For users who are not coaches, the only way to get access to someone’s data is to have that other user know their email address and to add access for them explicitly using that email.
  • don't give people direct access to your location data. We only share location related information that you have shared with them in your activity notes.

    WE DO:

  • allow your coaches and service providers to edit or update your notes if you have given them write access to your data. If they do not have write access, they can still see your notes but not modify them.
  • allow you automatically give access or remove access to anyone at any time to your data.



Besides the use-cases discussed already in previous sections on what data is gather, how it is kept, used and controlled by you, here are some other important aspects of your data:

  • We use your data to protect you: Session ids are in your browser and mobile app to identify you as a user on our system. We use server-side security which allows us to control when to allow login to succeed, and when to expire in case of suspicious activities or if the app is not used from a browser or a mobile phone for some time, and the user forgets to log out. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing your account. In case you lose your laptop or mobile device, or if you feel someone else may have gotten access to them, you can contact us and we can remotely log you out from any or all of your devices.allow your coaches and service providers to edit or update your notes if you have given them write access to your data. If they do not have write access, they can still see your notes but not modify them.
  • We use the data to enforce of Product Terms of Service by other users to protect you: we collect to enforce our Product Terms of Service and promote safety, and prevent other users from misusing the services.
  • Aggregate Information: Aggregate statistics from multiple OmMeGo users, including your data, are used to improve our prediction algorithms that drive many of the valuable components of our Services. Such aggregate statistics do not contain any personally identifiable information. Such aggregate statistics are not deleted after your account deletion and will be continued to be used by OmMeGo to keep improving the Services. We do not sell such data to any third party.



We take several measures to safeguard the collection, transmission and storage of the data we collect. We employ reasonable protections for your information that are appropriate to its sensitivity. The Company products and services use industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of personal information and credit card numbers. The Company engages providers that are industry leaders in online security, including services verification, to strengthen the security of our products services. The services belonging to a product are registered with site identification authorities so that your browser can confirm our product’s identity before any personal information is sent. In addition, The Company products are hosted on secure servers to protect this information using advanced firewall technology.




You can receive a copy of your data any time by contacting us. You can also delete your account or your data also by contacting us. After you make a deletion request, we permanently and irreversibly delete your personal data from our systems, including backups. Once deleted, all your data, including your biometric data, account information, activities, and social graph connections will be deleted.




 We provide the same suite of privacy tools and controls to all of our members worldwide.




The Company products rely on a number of legal bases to collect, use, share, and otherwise process the data we have about you for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, including:

  • as necessary to provide the Services and fulfill our obligations pursuant to the Terms of Service for a product that you are creating an account with adn that you have consented to the processing;
  • where necessary to comply with a legal obligation, a court order, or to exercise and defend legal claims;
  • to protect your vital interests, or those of others, such as in the case of emergencies.



The services are provided from the United States. If you are using the Company services from outside the United States, your information will be transferred, processed and stored in the United States, to provide the services and conform to United States privacy protection laws. Since it is possible that the country or region from which you access any of the Company product or service, conform or require other additional privacy restrictions, it is your responsibility to be aware of those differences. You should not use any of the Company products or services from such a country or region, if you do not agree to these terms.



We retain your data as long as it is necessary to provide the Services to you, and to satisfy  legal requirements to retain such data. Any data associated with your account will generally be deleted once these requirements are satisfied, and the data is no longer needed to provide the Services. Your data is also deleted when you close your account.




OmMeGo Privacy Policy is subject to changes over time. When OmMeGo makes changes to the privacy policy, the updates will be posted immediately and you will be notified. If you do not agree to the updated privacy policy, you should contact us to cancel your subscription, close your account, and delete your data.